Theological Review

This review has been in existence since 1929. Its original title was The Religious Review of the Czechoslovak Church, since 1968 The Theological Review of the Czechoslovak Hussite Church. The current title, Theological Review, was adopted in 1991 when the Hussite Theological Faculty took over the publishing.

Theological Review has been included in the list of reviewed, non-impact journals published in the Czech Republic.

This journal is a quarterly.

Cover: Josef Karhan

Creative director: ThDr. Marketa Langer

Print: PBtisk a.s.

ISSN 1211 7617


The editorial board accepts orders for whole volumes and for individual issues.

The price of each issue is 78 CZK, VAT included. Individual annual subscription for Czech Republic residents is 312 CZK, VAT and postal service included. Bank details: Česká spořitelna Prague 4, account no.: 66661389/0800, variable symbol: registration number (from the mailing label) - volume (or the volume number).

Editorial office

Editor in chief: Prof. ThDr. Jan Blahoslav Lášek, Dr. h. c.

Deputy editor: doc. ThDr. Kamila Veverková, Th.D.

Office secretary: Mgr. Lucie Davídková

Contact details

Hussite Theological Faculty, Charles University

Theologická revue

Pacovská 350/4

140 21 Praha 4 - Krč

Czech Republic

Phone: +420 241 733 122;

E-mail: Mail 

Editorial board

prof. PhDr. Alexander Kolesnyk, DrSc. (Berlin)

prof. ThDr. Zdeněk Kučera, Dr. h. c. (UK HTF)

prof. ThDr. Jan Blahoslav Lášek, Dr. h. c. (UK HTF)

prof. ThDr. Karel Skalický, Th.D. (JČU TF)

prof. Dr. Thomas Kothmann (Universität Regensburg)

prof. zw. Dr. hab. Czeslaw Glombik (Slezská univerzita Katowice)

doc. ThDr. Jiří Vogel, CSc. (UK HTF)

doc. ThDr. Kamila Veverková, ThD. (UK HTF)

doc. PhDr. Bedřich Nosek, CSc. (UK HTF)

doc. PhDr. Pavel Boček, CSc. (MU FF)

ThDr. Petr Šandera, Th.D. (CČSH)

PhDr. Jiří Beneš, (FLÚ AV ČR, v. v. i.)

Rev. Georgy Kochetkov (St. Philaret‘s Orthodox Christian Institute, Moscow)

Dr. L. J. Mussina (St. Philaret‘s Orthodox Christian Institute, Moscow)

Dr. Peter Wörster (Herder-Institut, Marburg n/L.)

† Dr. Theol. Wolfgang Stingl (Institut für Kirchengeschichte von Böhmen, Mähren und Schlesien, Nidda (SRN)

† prof. Hans-Dieter Döpmann (Berlin)

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