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The Hussite Theological Faculty is a multidisciplinary oriented theological faculty. The Faculty prepares students for academic work, ministerial service and various professions in education, culture, social services, state administration or politics as well as services abroad. The Hussite Theological Faculty is from its very beginnings bound with the Czechoslovak Hussite Church which was established at the beginning of 1920 from the Catholic Modernist movement.

The studies and academic work at the Faculty is however accessible to everyone regardless of their convictions, sex, race, political affiliations or worldview. The Faculty respects the convictions of its students and is religiously tolerant as proved by the variety of the fields of study on offer.


The Faculty offers 3 theological field of study – Hussite theology, Orthodox theology and Old Catholic theology in various combinations. The students have Biblical studies in order to be able to scientifically interpret the literature of the Old and New Testament providing their knowledge of classical languages. Through studying Church history they become acquainted with the history of Christendom from antiquity to the present with a special focus on the Catholic modernism of the 19th and 20th century from which the Czechoslovak Hussite Church emerged. The study of systematic theology informs students about Christian theological thoughts from its very beginnings to further historical development.

Hussite theology may be combined with Philosophy, Religious studies, Jewish studies and also with German language specialization. The Orthodox theology currently offers a combination with philosophy, Religious studies, Modern Greek philology and East European and South European Studies.


In the Humanities study program it is possible to combine Philosophy, Religious studies and Jewish studies.

The Philosophy field of study provides students with knowledge of systematic philosophy, History of philosophical thought (antiquity, Middle Ages, modern age), religious philosophy (Christianity and Judaism), Ethics and Logics. The students read philosophical texts in classical languages (Greek and Latin) and in at least one world language.

Religious studies are aimed at individual religions of the past and present and the problem of scientific study of religion is reflected at the same time. In the history of religion it focuses on studying the religions of the Ancient Near East and great monotheistic systems of Judaism, Christianity and Islam from the perspective of their history, current problematics and mutual relationships. The focus on current forms of spiritual life is among other specifics.

During Jewish studies students deal with the Jewish tradition from the historical as well as linguistic perspective. The essential topics are Jewish mysticism and Philosophy, Rabbinic literature, Jewish customs and traditions, the history of the Jewish people and anti-Semitism. The languages taught within the framework of Jewish studies are biblical, medieval and modern Hebrew (Ivrit) as well as biblical and Talmudic Aramaic.

Social Work and Pedagogy

The objective of the Social and Charity Work field of study is to prepare university educated qualified professionals for regulated occupation of social workers focused at general social work and social services in Church and non-Church areas and at occupations within the state administration with cultural, literary or journalistic aim and at theoretical activities in the social science or scientific research.

Pedagogical field of study at the Hussite Theological Faculty prepares students for socially pedagogical activity, providing educational and social legal consulting as well as a Master’s Program with pedagogical focus. Graduates of the Master’s Program in Teaching Ethics, Religion and Philosophy can teach at primary and secondary schools.

Advantages of Studying at Charles University

Charles University enables students of the Hussite Theological Faculty to attend seminars and lectures at other faculties according to their interest and specialization. As students of Charles University they can also apply for international scholarships and travel to a chosen university abroad for up to one year.

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