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Department of Historical Theology and Church History

The former “Department of Church History and Hussite studies” was led by Miloslav Kaňák between 1950 – 1981 and since 1982 it was led by Amadeo Molnár. In 1990 – 1995 Jan Blahoslav Lášek was the head of the History Department. From 1995 to 2001 Alexander Kolesnyk was the head of the “Department of Religious History and Church Law.”

The Department carries out pedagogical as well as scientific activities in the area of Church history from the oldest Christian parishes to the current diversified state of Churches and denominations. Christendom had a decisive impact on the whole western cultural world and played an important role in forming modern history in Asia, Africa and Latin America, always coexisting with the society which surrounded it and co-shaped during history. The members of the Department research these processes and try to define not only the impact Christendom had on society but also what changes in formulating and understanding the Christian message did society bring to Christendom. Church history cannot stay isolated from general political, socio-cultural and legal history; it is interpreted contextually, just like legal subjects.

The members of the Department participate in a number of research projects including a wide variety of Church history spheres and popularizing the research outcomes through lectures and nonfiction publications. The Head of the Department of Historical Theology and Church History is currently prof. Jan Blahoslav Lášek. The Cabinet of Old Catholic Church is a part of the Department of Church History.

Research Area

History of Bohemian and European Reformation, Church history of 19th and 20th century, history of the Czechoslovak Hussite Church and catholic modernism.

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