Health Insurance and Medical Care

All insured incoming students (including EHIC cardholders) have an access to urgent, state-provided healthcare during their stay in the Czech Republic. To obtain relevant medical treatment, you have to register your EHIC blue card at one of the Czech health insurance providers.

Všeobecná zdravotní pojišťovna (VZP) is recommended as the largest health care provider in the Czech Republic with the highest number of cooperating doctors. The VZP is also the only insurance provider available for citizens from countries outside EU/EFTA. You can register at any branch of VZP (For example, the branch Na Perštýně 6, 110 00 Praha 1 is located directly in the city centre). Please keep in mind to register as soon as possible after your arrival. You can proceed to the VZP registration process under this link.

After showing the EHIC card or a confirmation that substitutes the card, the health insurance company will immediately issue a registration document with a registration number with a Czech health insurance company. Later, if you need to see a doctor, take this document along with the EHIC card.

We highly recommended to register your EHIC card as soon as possible after arrival and do not wait until you are not feeling well.

In the Czech Republic, non-prescription drugs and medicines are sold only in pharmacies. They are not available at supermarkets, as in many West European countries. Pharmacies may be recognised by the prominent green cross-displayed over the shop-front. Many have staff who can speak English or German, and are used to offering advice to tourists (especially in the city centres). However, if you are not able to get to the pharmacy for any reason, you can use one of the delivery services as

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