Department of Pedagogy

The Department of Pedagogy has been a part of the Hussite Theological Faculty since its integration to Charles University. The first head of the Department was Vladimír Štverák. In 2001 Marie Vágnerová took over the leadership of the Department and in 2007 handed it over to Miroslava Váňová.

The Department offers two Bachelor Study Programs (Social Pedagogy and Religion, Ethics and Philosophy aimed at Education) and one Master Study Program (Pedagogy of Religion, Ethics and Philosophy). We collaborated with other departments of the Faculty, in particular with the Department of Systematical Theology and the Department of Philosophy. The social pedagogy field of study is carried out in cooperation with the Higher Vocational Pedagogical School in Prague 6.

The members of the Department focus in their pedagogical as well as professional activity on pedagogical and psychological sciences and sociology. They are concerned with comparative pedagogy, in particular with the topics of domestic and European education. In pedagogical psychology they focus on communication skills in pedagogical practice. In developmental psychology they observe the issue of children’s involvement in the education process and pathological phenomena which complicate this involvement. In social psychology they are concerned with issues of bullying, gender in work with school children; in sociology they research youth, spirituality, social deviations etc.

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