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Rigorosum procedure

Basic Information

The administration of the rigorosum procedure is under the responsibility of the Department of Ph.D. studium and the Vice-Dean for Studium.


ThDr. Marketa Langer, Ph.D.

Ph.D. studies, rigorosum procedure

E-mail: marketa.langer@htf.cuni.cz

Office hours: Wednesday 12:00-14:00

Phone: +420 222 539 210

Office: H402a

At the Hussite Theological Faculty of Charles University, you can take the state rigorous examination with a validation in the areas of institutionally accredited programmes:

  • Hussite Theology

  • Hussite Theology - Philosophy in Jewish and Christian Contexts

  • Philosophy in Jewish and Christian Contexts - Hussite Theology

  • Hussite Theology - Religious Studies

  • Religious Studies - Hussite Theology

  • Hussite Theology – Jewish Studies

  • Jewish Studies - Hussite Theology

  • Orthodox Theology

  • Orthodox Theology - Philosophy in Jewish and Christian Contexts

  • Philosophy in Jewish and Christian Contexts - Orthodox Theology

  • Orthodox Theology – Religious studies

  • Orthodox Theology – Jewish Studies

  • Jewish Studies – Orthodox Theology

The examination and the announcement of the results are public. The State Rigorosum Examination consists of a defence of the rigorous thesis and an oral examination. The oral examination shall consist of, inter alia, Latin, Greek or Hebrew. If the candidate has already passed an examination in one of these languages as part of his/her Master's studies with a grade of "excellent" or "very good", this examination may be recognised by the Dean at his/her request. The requirements for the oral part of the rigorous examination can be found here.

After the state rigorosum examination with the result "passed", the academic title "Doctor of Theology" ThDr. (before the name) is awarded.

According to the UK Rigorous Examination Regulations, a candidate may apply for the rigorous examination,

a) who has graduated from a master's degree programme and obtained the title "Master" pursuant to Section 46 of the Higher Education Act,

b) (b) who has obtained the title "Master" pursuant to Section 21(2) or Section 43(2) of Act No.172/1990 Coll., on Universities, unless he or she has obtained the title "Doctor" pursuant to Section 22 of the same Act and unless it is a case referred to in Section 99(4) of the Act on Universities,

c) c) whose foreign higher education has been validly recognised by a public university or by the Ministry of Education, Youth and Sports (hereinafter referred to as "the Ministry"), the Ministry of Defence or the Ministry of the Interior as equivalent to higher education obtained in a master's degree programme in the Czech Republic, or

d) d) whose foreign higher education is equivalent to education obtained in a master's degree programme in the Czech Republic on the basis of an international treaty.

Information on recognition of foreign education here https://cuni.cz/UKEN-593.html

Date of the State Rigorous Examination

The state rigorosum examinations are held during both semesters of each academic year.

Submission of applications

  • for the summer period by 28 February each year

  • for the winter period by 31 October each year

Graduation ceremony

Upon acceptance of the offer of a graduation ceremony, the graduate is notified by the Science Department.

Graduation ceremonies are held in the Carolina Grand Auditorium.

List of applicants for the rigorosum procedure

Announcement of the State Rigorous Examinations

The process of recognizing the dissertation and the State Doctoral Examination as rigorous does not require the personal participation of the candidate.

In accordance with Act No. 106/1999 Coll. and Article 7(3) of the UK Rigorous Regulations, the thesis will be made available to the public at least five working days before the defence at the Department of Science, Doctoral Studies and International Relations (1st floor, room H108).

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