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Department of Biblical and Jewish Studies

The tradition of Biblical Studies at the Hussite Theological Faculty reaches back as far as 1921 when František Kovář lectured at the Hussite Czechoslovak Theological Faculty. After the establishment of the Hussite Czechoslovak Theological Faculty, the Old Testament section was led by Vladimír Kubáč and the New Testament section by Jindřich Mánek. Zdeněk Sázava received Mánek’s function after he passed away. Vladimír Kubáč and Zdeněk Sázava continued in their work also after 1990 when the Faculty was incorporated to the Charles University and its title was changed to the Hussite Theological Faculty. Jewish Studies started to be taught at the Department besides Biblical Studies by Bedřich Nosek and the Department was later renamed to the Department of Biblical and Jewish Studies (since 2005 the education was under a separate Institute of Jewish Studies which was in 2012 reconnected to the Department of Biblical Studies).

The Department of Biblical and Jewish Studies is currently divided into a Biblical Studies section headed by Jiří Beneš and Jewish Studies section headed by Bedřich Nosek.

The Biblical section collaborates at teaching theological as well as non-theological fields of study: classical languages, ancient history and literature, biblical archeology and biblical exegesis. The Jewish studies section provides a separate Jewish Studies field of study in Bachelor’s and Master’s Programs and collaborates at teaching other fields, such as Religious studies.

Research Area

ancient history and literature, biblical exegesis, rabbinic literature, synagogue liturgy, Jewish philosophy and mysticism, Jewish history.

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