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Doctoral Programme

The Hussite Theological Faculty offers two doctoral programmes:

For applicants to post-bachelor and doctoral programmes of study

If you completed the previous higher education at a foreign higher education institution, submit one of the following documents: a document obtained in accordance with sections 89 and 90 of the Higher Education Act proving general recognition of a foreign higher education in the Czech Republic (so- called “nostrification”); a foreign document concerning a foreign higher education if it is deemed automatically equivalent in the Czech Republic in accordance with its international agreements without any further administrative procedures (a higher education diploma and diploma supplement from Slovakia, Poland, Hungary, or Slovenia); or a foreign document concerning a foreign higher education to be assessed by the Faculty (for a fee of CZK 650). Detailed information about the manner of proving fulfilment of the requirement of completion of a bachelor’s or master’s programme of study for graduates of foreign higher education institutions is available here.

How to apply?

Those interested in applying for a doctoral programme taught in English should address their queries to

Application deadline: 30. 4. 2019

Entry interview: 1.-11. 6. 2019, the exact date will be announced

Alternative term of interview: 12. 6. - 10. 7. 2019, the exact date will be announced

Both degrees are available in internal and external form and are taught in Czech language. Studying in English language is possible for a fee of 2 000 CZK (approx. 80 EUR).

Specialised courses of the Czech language for prospective students are available at the Institute for Language and Preparatory Studies of Charles University in Prague: http://ujop.cuni.cz/en.

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