Song of Songs 2015

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David Biernot, Th.D.


Phone: +420 604 617 222

Conference venue location (map):

Hussite Theological Faculty, Charles University

Pacovská 350/4

Prague 4

Tuesday 9th of June 2015

  • 4:30 p.m., Registration

  • 5:30, Stefan Fischer: Welcome

  • 5:35, Kamila Veverková (Dean-elect of the Hussite Theological Faculty): Welcome by the University of Prague

  • 5:45, Christo Lombaard (UNISA): SoS God: On the Divine In / and Song of Songs

  • 6:30, Elliot Wolfson (University of California): Ascetic Eros and Messianic Deferment in Jewish and Christian Interpretations of the Song of Songs

  • 7:50, Organizational matters - David Biernot

  • 8:00, Reception

Wednesday 10th of June

  • 8:30 a.m., Dirk van der Merwe (UNISA): The woman in the Song of Songs

  • 9:15, Jennifer Andruska (University of Cambridge): Visual Descriptions of the Lover in Song of Songs 5:10-16 and the Strange Use of דגל

  • 10:00, Elisabeth Birnbaum (Catholic Private University Linz): Why (dis)like Solomon? Reasons for an (un)favourable view of Solomon in Song of Songs

  • 10:45, Coffee Break

  • 11:15, Matthias Hopf (Augustana Neuendettelsau): Love Scenes: The Song of Songs as a Performance Text of the Hellenistic Era

  • 12:00, Marek Baraniak (University of Warsaw): The “city” in the Song of Songs

  • 12:45, Lunch Break

  • 2:30 p.m., Stefan Fischer (University of Vienna, UFS Bloemfontein): Who are the daughters of Jerusalem?

  • 3:15, Pieter van der Zwan (UNISA): Longing for belonging beyond belongings

  • 4:00, Coffee and Discussion

  • 6:00, Sightseeing tour of the historical part of the Charles University

  • 7:00, Banquet in the historical underground

Thursday 11th of June

  • 9:15, Monika Czekanowska (Warsaw University): Did Jewish and Christian Artists Represent the Song of Songs in the Same Way? A Few Remarks on the Representations of The Song of Songs in early 20th century Jewish and Christian art

  • 10:00, Elsabé Kloppers (UNISA): Nimm mich freundlich in dein Arme daß ich warme werd von Gnaden – Shir ha-Shirim in hymns

  • 10:45, Coffee Break

  • 11:15, Pavla Damohorská (Charles University in Prague): The Role of Shir ha-shirim in the Passover‘s Piyyutim

  • 12:00, Hennie Viviers (University of Johannesburg): Can the Song of Songs be described (also) as a form of dark green religion?

  • 12:45, Lunch Break

  • 2:30 p.m., Eben Scheffler (UNISA): Reflecting on a Calvinistic and Lutheran interpretation of Canticles: Continuing the allegorical debate

  • 3:15, David Biernot (Charles University in Prague): “I am black but comely”: Skin Colour, Skin Disorder and their Racial Underpinnings in the Greco-Roman Period

  • 4:00, Christo Lombaard / Stefan Fischer - Rounding up: Final discussion and Planning of 2016 Conference

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