Jewish Studies

Characteristic of Study

The doctoral study programme “Theology”, the branch of study “Jewish studies” with standard length of study of four years prepares students for independent scientific research and independent creative activities in the area of Jewish studies. The branch of study enables students to specialize in their profession according to his or her individual study plan. The branch of study develops intellectual legacy of Jewish studies and applies that in the contemporary religious situation of Judaism. The subject of the studies is Jewish history and culture, synagogue liturgy, Jewish religious philosophy, rabbi literature, reading and interpretation of selected texts of Babylonian Talmud and Hebrew language of rabbi texts. The goal of the studies is a scientific preparation of first-rate experts that are capable of independent scientific work in the area of Jewish studies. The branch is not nationally or confessionally defined but interprets Judaism as a religious phenomenon in the historical contexts overlapping into present problems. Learning about spiritual values of Judaism enables students to deepen their understanding of Christianity, primarily its ethics.

Characteristic of Graduate

A graduate proves detailed knowledge in the area of Jewish studies at contemporary level, knows history of his or her branch of study and is acquainted with contemporary trends in the branch. He or she is able to acquire new knowledge, analyze that, reflect that critically and interpret that in its specific and interdisciplinary context. He or she has acquired standard scientific level of world language and deepened knowledge of classical language. He or she is able to analyze and interpret Jewish religious texts in source language and use scientific secondary literature. A graduate acquires such knowledge and skills in the area of Jewish studies that enable him or her to fulfill themselves in close profession. A graduate is prepared for working as a member of the academic staff at the university, a scientific worker in the area of social sciences, a manager in a non-profit, cultural and state organization.

P0221D100022 - Jewish studies (full-time study and part-time study)

The study is carried out according to an individual study plan under the guidance of a supervisor, possibly with the participation of a consultant. The supervisor is always a habilitated - academic or scientific - employee in an employment relationship with the faculty. The details of doctoral studies are regulated by the Study and Examination Regulations of Charles University as amended and related regulations.

The individual study plan must be designed so that all study obligations are met by the end of the third year of study, and in the final year of the standard period of study, the student can devote to completing his / her dissertation and preparing for the state doctoral examination.

The individual study plan is divided into the following parts to fulfill study obligations:

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